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Welcome misfits, rebels, and seekers.

MakeShift is a new kind of art space.  It has been created to embrace the discord of the unpredictable and the audacity of the unconventional. This is not just an art space, it is a rebellion against the unimaginative.

MakeShift is a haven for those who dare to defy societal norms where chaos is our muse.  It is the menagerie of contradictions that fuels our creativity, igniting the fire of innovation that burns brighter than the predictable glow of the status quo.  MakeShift is a place to let your creative boundaries shatter and allow the fragments to form a new kind of artistic experience.

MakeShift stands in defiance against the pressure to conform. We reject the notion that art should fit neatly into predefined molds. Let's make, break, and remake the rules.  Tradition may be a guide, but it should never be a cage.

MakeShift is a conversation, a dialogue between the artist and the artwork, between creators and their community. The conversation is open-ended, and the studio is a space for perpetual dialogue.

MakeShift is not an island; it is a community where collaboration is the heartbeat of creativity. It is a place where you are encouraged to let the echoes of the community resonate in your work.

In a world obsessed with perfection, MakeShift embraces all of our flaws as a badge of authenticity. We value the raw, the unpolished, and the unfiltered. Every smudge, every artwork that reveals the human touch is a testament to the truth of our artistic expression.

We invite our community to make that tenuous first step, igniting a spark where process triumphs over success, and engagement with the moment becomes a sacred ritual.  The value lies not just in the destination, but in the marks left on the path.  We challenge our community to make that shift.

Let your time at MakeShift be a statement of the courage to fail, the audacity to accept a new challenge, and the amusement found in being the best hot mess you can be.

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